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Creative Commoner: Kong Lingqian


Creative Commons and the Inheritance of TCM Culture – An Interview with Mr. Kong Lingqian, Founder of Kong Bohua TCM School Mr. Kong Lingqian Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an essential component of traditional Chinese culture. Its importance is not only clinically proven in the medical field of China, but also progressively recognized by the […]

CAO Fei, a Leading Pioneer in the New Generation of New Media Art


CAO Fei, born in 1978 in Guangzhou, one of the most internationally famed Chinese contemporary artists, is among the earliest renowned Creative Commoner artists in China. From year 2000, she started to gain a significant position by a series of exquisite works including San Yuan Li Project, Cosplayers, HiP Hop Guangzhou, Hip Hop Fukuoka, Hip […]

Creative Commons with Beijing Open Party in the “Warmth of a Bright Spring”


Open Party is a monthly social activity co-organized by a number of Beijing communities with technical background. It is intended to create a platform whereby all the participants can express and exchange their ideas through a special means of “Unconference”. The topics of these activities are however not technical-limited, subjects like living, traveling, art, entrepreneurship, […]

2010 Screenage Art Document Exhibition to be Opened on April 18


Hosted by Songzhuang Art Center, the 2010 Screenage Art Document Exhibition will open on April 18, 2010. The exhibition is composed of multiple sections including the Field, the Domain, the Emotion, Natural – Unnatural, and Gathering – Recalling. After the opening ceremony, a forum of Contemporary Image Authoring and the Oriental Cultural View will take […]