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Creative Commons’ Role in Copyright’s Future


Founder of Creative Commons, Professor Lawrence Lessig Gave a Lecture in Renmin University of China In the afternoon of November 14, 2010, founder of Creative Commons, world-renowned scholar Professor Lawrence Lessig was invited to Yifu Conference Center of Renmin University of China(RUC) to deliver a lecture: Creative Commons’ Role in Copyright’s Future. This event was […]

OPENNESS AND INNOVATION——A Speech by Professor Lawrence Lessig of Harvard University, Founder of Creative Commons and a Summit Dialogue


On November 14, 2010, Professor Lawrence Lessig, a world-renowned scholar and the founder of Creative Commons, will come to Renmin University of China to deliver a fascinating lecture on Openness and Innovation – the Relationship between New Technology, Culture and Innovation. Following his lecture, Professor Lessig will participate in a conversation with the leaders of […]