Hosted by Songzhuang Art Center, the 2010 Screenage Art Document Exhibition will open on April 18, 2010. The exhibition is composed of multiple sections including the Field, the Domain, the Emotion, Natural – Unnatural, and Gathering – Recalling. After the opening ceremony, a forum of Contemporary Image Authoring and the Oriental Cultural View will take place in the Academic Hall of Songzhuang Art Center.

A number of CC-licensed photographic and video works are to be shown in this exhibition; and Creative Commons China Mainland, as one of the supporting organization of this event,  will have its representatives to present in the opening ceremony. Your support to this event will be highly appreciated.

Subject: 2010 Screenage Art Document Exhibition – the Field, the Domain, the Emotion, Natural – Unnatural, Gathering – Recalling

Art Director: Li Xianting

Curator: Wu Qiuyan, Zhang Haitao

Forum Project Lead: Teng Yuning

Opening Time: 2:30 p.m. April 18, 2010(Sunday)

Exhibition Venue: Ground floor and 1st floor of Songzhuang Art Center

Exhibition Hours: April 18 ~ May 25, 2010 (including Sunday and Monday)

Supports: China Central Academy of Fine Arts, China Academy of Art, Creative Commons China Mainland, Center for Visual Studies of Peking University, Ullens Center For Contemporary Art, White Space, Wenjin International Art Center, China Digital Art Association, Cao Chang Di Workstation, Chinese Media Art and Technology Association

The focal position of images in contemporary art has experienced several deconstruction and shock from the social value. As a result, a number of new artist begin to show some practical exploring spirit. It seems that the flow of visional thinking foretells a powerful memory of the era. Trying to explain the standing question of WHAT IS IMAGE ART, this exhibition will make an attempt to analyze and frame the system of contemporary image art. Western and oriental context, implanted, will mix up and re-build a derivation of cultural system for every single natural person.

The five sections of this exhibition: the Field, the Domain, the Emotion, Natural – Unnatural, and Gathering – Recalling, although presented in various forms including experimental film, conception recording, abstract images, body recording of dancing and conception photography, they share a consideration based on humanity ecology. They are intended to reveal more intersections and resonances in between the respective creating directions of different generations of artists.

The forum of the opening ceremony is also based on this consideration. In the process of cooperation with various art organizations, the forum will offer a good many topics from culture rather than artists themselves. A series of exploring academic exchange will focus on the interact from authoring, criticism, research and tutoring, and try to offer more experimental social values in the publication of this event.


The Field: Prelude of thinking, appears in a manner like our expectation and fantasies to the world; the new birth of animation and drawings, opens endless dimension of conceptions.

Artists: Miao Xiaochun, Zhang Xiaotao, Bai Chongmin, Ma Yongfeng, Bu Hua, Wu Junyong, Huang Xinjian, Ye Dan, Dai Hua, Pi San, Chen Xuegang, Sun Lei, Zhang Yanxiang, Li Jie, Lei Lei, Liu Qianyi, Vincent

The Domain: Seemingly the oriental civilization is wise and open-minded enough to break the bounds of the philosophy of materialization. Observing this grotesque and gaudy planet, it appears that the conversation between individuals actually deliver more mentalvoice.

Artists: Sui Jianguo, Liu Xuguang, Zhang Meng, Gao Fuyan, Tan Qi, Wu Qiuyan, Ding Xin, Sheng Jie, Wu Shaoying, Ma Qiusha, Gu Zhenzhen, Zheng Dafei, Huang Rongrong

The Emotion: If, it turns out that visual observations are incapable of explaining the source conception of images, we’ll have our faith in the thinking under subconsciousness of us. All are perceivable and senses connect all.

Artists: Feng Jiangzhou, Wang Dongsheng, Zhang Haitao, Tian Miaozi, Zhu Handong, Deng Dafei, Lei Benben, Zhang Minjie, Li Ming, Chen Zhou, Li Fuchun, Cao Shu, Liu Shiyuan, Shen Yi, Wen Jie, Zeng Duo, Huang Ying, Hu Xiniao, Zhao Yu, Zhang Mengqi, Double Fly Palace(Cui Shaohan, Huang Liya, Li Ming, Li Fuchun, Lin Ke, Sun Huiyuan, Yang Junling, Zhang Lehua)

Gathering, Recalling – the New-sharp

Artists: Xia Peng, Li Long, Huang Qifei, Sun Nan, Zhang Yi, Ye Yuanyuan, Chen Xi, Wen Qiang, Guo Wei, Zhao Bozuo, Hao Shuren, Bu Fan, Zhang Zeyan

Natural, Unnatural

Artists: Chi Peng, Wang Tiewei, Guan Shi, Tong Dazhuang, Gao Yuan, Jia Youguang, Lu Yanpeng, Alessandro(Li Shan), Wu Weihe, Chen Zhuo and Huang Keyi, Liu Ren, Du Hanyu, Lin Shu, Tian Taiquan, Yu Lei, Tan Haishan, Li Xinmo, Lin Wei, Zhang Wei, Luo Wei, Ren Hang, Xing Peng, Yan Zhou, Yuan Susu, Zhang Xiao, Zhang Yingnan, Du Yuan, Hu Jianwen, Chen Haoyang, Jin Wei, Kenzaburo Fukuhara, Gao Yuan, Lei Yang(Huandao), Lu Jun, Sun Ou, Zhang Youliang

Forum: Contemporary Image Authoring and the Oriental Cultural View: Forum of Chinese Screenage Art (I)

Forum Host: Teng Yuning 

Date: 4:00 p.m. April 18, 2010(Sunday)

Venue: Academic Hall, Songzhuang Art Center

Host: Songzhuang Art Center (


Address: Songzhuang Art Center, Xiaopu Street, Songzhuang

Services: Li Qiang, Cao Ying, Hou Lina

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