Open Party is a monthly social activity co-organized by a number of Beijing communities with technical background. It is intended to create a platform whereby all the participants can express and exchange their ideas through a special means of “Unconference”. The topics of these activities are however not technical-limited, subjects like living, traveling, art, entrepreneurship, business, investment and marketing are also welcomed here. Its March gathering was named “Warmth of a Bright Spring”, which took place in ThoughtWorks Office in Beijing Guohua Plaza, Dongzhimen. Project member of Creative Commons China Mainland, Zhu Handong and He Xiaolin was invited to take part in this gathering.

Open Party takes an “unconference” form, which features freedom, openness and interactiveness. The guests and participants are made equal in delivering their ideas in an open atmosphere. For each gathering of this activity, there are invited guests providing fresh topics for participants to decide which one to take part in. While the speakers sharing the topics, the listeners are free to participate in any brainstorm any time they want. They are encouraged to join whatever topic discussion they are interested in, or to walk along through different groups and just listen to the discussions. They can also write down their own topics that may just jumped into their minds and call for a discussion themselves. Their pace in the venue are essentially a resourceful pool of creativity, offering more and more new ideas.

It’s the second time CC participating in Open Party gatherings. This time, in the “Warmth of a Bright Spring”, Mr. Zhu Handong of CC China Mainland shared his understandings in the impact of Internet sharing movement to artistic creations, as he is an active artist himself. He also gave introductions of the artistic promotions of CC China Mainland. A good many participants had certain knowledge of CC licenses, especially those from LUPA(Leadership of Open Source University Promotion Alliance), who had already embraced CC’s concept of share, remix, reuse – legally. The people with IT background were also highly interested in this global CC trend, for its task of resolving the controversy between information distribution and acquisition, and its mission to realize a productive interaction between creation and distribution. The participants had quite illuminative and delightful discussion with CC project members.

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