On June 15, 2006, CC China Mainland organized its first “CC Salon Beijing” in Thinker Coffee House of Wansheng Bookstore in Beijing.


people attending the salon

People from CC, WikiChina, the National Library of China and some well-known websites such as sina.com, baidu.com, people.com.cn, together with those who are interested in CC and open access took part in the event.

Jon Phillips, a member of CC headquarters, made a special trip to Beijing to take part in the activity. He is also one of the important organizers and hosts of CC Salons held in San Francisco. Jon first presented the purpose of organizing CC Salons as well as their worldwide progress. He said when the first CC Salon was held in San Francisco, the aim was to provide a platform for creators and scholars, who showed great interests in CC and the idea of open access, to exchange their thoughts and ideas. At present, CC Salons have been held in many cities, such as San Francisco, Toronto and Berlin. Besides Beijing, CC Salon in Warsaw is going to take place soon. These activities will provide regular opportunities for creators all over the country and the people who are interested in CC to get together to communicate with each other, inspiring them for creation. Jon also discussed with people on the issues like open source and Free software.

Dr. JI Yanjiang from qiji.cn referred to how well CC was used in qiji.cn and in the field of scientific research. He put forward some questions related to the open access to the information and results in the scientific research field.

Professor Hal Abelson from MIT, also a member of CC Board, introduced Scholar’s Copyright Project lately initiated by CC under the Science Commons (SC), a project in the scientific research field. It is a new project launched by SC, aiming at promoting the idea of sharing and opening in the scientific research field. According to him, MIT was recommending MIT Amendment to Publication Agreement to its researching staff, which allows them to reserve the rights to release and spread their articles in digitalized forms before and after the dissertations are published. This is going to be the policy of MIT, in the hope of promoting the sharing of scientific research papers and making more people access to the latest research results, which will promote the development of technology.

After several keynote speeches, the attendants had a wide and passionate discussion about the issues that they are interested in.


Jon Phillips was giving a speech( by shizhao )


Hal Abelson was talking at the dinner table ( by shizhao )


Brainstorming(by Zoom.Quiet )


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