On May 22th, Bababian.com, a Chinese Flickr-like website for online picture storage and sharing, formally integrated licenses of CC China Mainland into its service. Bababian users can license others to use their pictures by choosing CC licenses now.

Bababian.com provides individualized service for users to store, search and share pictures. Currently, there are thousands of pictures added in the website every day. Bababian users can make pictures into the forms of picture badges, ppt, and cartoons etc. and link them to their blogs, bbs, alumni to show their pictures in a more individualized way. Bababian.com also provides professional picture storage and space management service (API service) for blog, community, alumni, SNS etc.

By using CC licenses, Bababian users, with some rights reserved, can license others to use their pictures in a more convenient way so that their works can be widely spread. At present, there are more than 10, 000 pictures in the website licensed under CC licenses. If you want to check these pictures, please visit http://www.bababian.com/cc.sl.