The first CC licensed Photography Contest in China has been launched on September 1st, 2007.The contest is co-sponsored by Creative Commons China Mainland, and It also gets support from many well-known media, such as Popular Photography Magazine,Chip Foto-Video Digital and

The contest is designed as an annual event to promote the China Mainland version of the Creative Commons licenses and aims to help more Chinese people know about the idea of Creative Commons: share, reuse and remix-legally, and to finally help build a sound and orderly environment for creation.

The contest is open to professional photographers and amateur photographers as well. People can visit the official online platform for the contest ( to submit entries under three categories, namely, society & humanity, nature & landscape, and portrait. Meanwhile, people can choose a local CC license from the platform for their entry. The contest is attracting more and more people to participate. By September 19th, there have been over 3500 entries in total submitted by more than 900 participants.

The judging process is composed of two phases. In the first phase, entries will be judged through the voting system on the Internet, which will start as soon as the entry is submitted and end on October 15th, 2007. A panel of experts will make final judgment based on the outcome of the voting system. There will be one first place, two second places and three third places as well as twenty honorary mentions in each category. The awarding ceremony will be held in the National Library of China on November 3rd and an exhibition of the award-winning photography will be also launched then.

About Creative Commons China Mainland

CC China Mainland is the official local project under Creative Commons International. The China Mainland version of the CC licenses has been officially launched in Beijing on March 29th, 2006. On August 22nd, 2007, CC China Mainland launched the new version of its website (

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About Popular Photography Magazine

Started publication in 1958 and subordinated to China Photographers Association (CPA), Popular Photography is the only photographic periodical among the 100 Key Periodicals” by the Press and Publications Administration of the People’s Republic of China. Since its starting publication, Popular Photography has adhered to the aim of serving the broad masses of professional and amateur photographers in the country and has in view the world. It enjoys a high reputation among the photographic circle and the vast photographic fans.

About Chip Foto-Video Digital (

Chip Foto-Video Digital came from Germany, which is a brand new source of information for all users who are engaged in digital photography & video. It has been published in 10 countries. Chip Foto-Video Digital is launched in China in the early 2005. It is dedicated in digital photography practices, camera tests, photography workshops & imaging and video editing, etc.

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