CC Salon is a platform designed for communications with openness and accessibility. People from various areas who are interested in CC will deliver speeches and have discussions on topics around arts, education, technology and their experience of using CC. Everyone is welcomed to state comments or raise questions to discuss the development and utilization of CC licenses.

 Following the Salon is the Global CC 5 Year Birthday Party, which will provide a comforting atmosphere for all guests to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the release of CC Licenses.


13:30~18:00, Saturday December 15, 2007


Camp Club (South gate, Beijing Worker’s Stadium, Chaoyang District, Beijing)


Creative Commons China Mainland

Mozilla Online Ltd.




  1. CC Salon
  2. Speakers are listed as following:

    CAO Fei , Artist

    GONG Li, Chair & CEO of Mozilla Online Ltd.

    OU Ning, Artist and Curator

    Fun-den Wang, Chair of China Open Resources for Education

    WANG Chunyan, Project Lead of CC China Mainland

    XU Hui, Founder & CEO of HIPIHI

    ZHAO Mu, principal of SOHU Blog

  3.  Ceremony of Global CC 5 Year Global Birthday Party
  4. Demonstration of art works licensed under CC licenses
  5. Free discussion

If you are interested in participating in this event, please fill out the following form of return receipt for reserved seats. Please send it to  before 17:00, December 12.

CC Salon & Global CC 5 Year Birthday Party (Beijing)

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Creative Commons China Mainland

Mozilla Online Ltd.

Appendix: introduction of the sponsors

Creative Commons China Mainland

Creative Commons China Mainland is the official local project under Creative Commons International ( in China Mainland. It is responsible for porting and promoting the China Mainland version of the Creative Commons Licenses, which are designed to frame a reasonable and flexible copyright system. The China Mainland version of Creative Commons licenses was officially launched on March 29, 2006 in Beijing. Since then, the ported CC licenses have been gaining increasingly wide acceptance by creators from various areas.

Creative Commons China Mainland is maintained by a project team consisting of volunteers from various areas of expertise, such as law, the arts, and technology. The project is also supported by an International Advisory Board which is composed of leading scholars, judges, senior government officials and key participants in the public sector. The host institute for the project is Renmin University of China Law School.

Official website:

Mozilla Online and Firefox

Mozilla Online Ltd is not a traditional software company, it is a global community dedicated to improving web-surf experience for Internet users all over the world. Beijing Mozilla Online Ltd, the sub-company of Mozilla was established in July, 2007 in Tsinghua Science Park of Beijing. As a sub-company of Mozzila, it is in charge of promoting Mozilla products in China and supporting community activities conducted by Chinese developers and fans. By implementing the concept of openness, Mozilla Online Ltd is developing technologies and popularizing the products of Mozilla through a highly organized and collaborative process with ultimate transparency. The web browser Firefox is a Mozilla product.

Official website: