On December 15, 2007, CC Salon & CC 5 Years Global Birthday Party (Beijing) was successfully held in Beijing, Camp Club. It was part of a global ceremony, during which a series of parties were held sequently through some dozen of cities including Beijing, Berlin, Seoul, San Francisco and Los Angeles, to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the release of CC Licenses. It was jointly organized by Creative ommons China Mainland and Mozilla Online and was presided over by Zhu Handong, Project manager of CC China Mainland. About 80 participants from various areas such as the art, information technology and the law have attended this event.Its supporting media, Sohu.com reported the event with living word broadcast  (Link: http://hztop.news.sohu.com/news/s2007/0278/s254104612/).
The event featured two sections: the CC Salon and the Global Birthday Party. The first part featured several keynote speeches delivered by: Wang Chunyan, Professor from Law School of Renmin University of China, Project lead of CC hina Mainland; Wang Fun-den, President of China Open Resources of Education (“CORE”); Ou Ning, a renowned curator; etc.


Professor Wang Chunyan delivering a keynote speech.

Professor Wang Chunyan, project lead of CC China Mainland introduced the concept and origins of CC, and reviewed its worldwide development and significant achievement in various areas including photography, the art, Internet, and blog over the last five years. Most recently, there have been 42 jurisdictions officially launched a local version of CC licenses. Since CC 2.5 China Mainland version was officially released, the number of CC users in China Mainland had increased rapidly. Professor Wang further addressed the upcoming promotion strategy of CC with emphasis that in addition to the promotion among creators and elite communities in urban areas, CC will be introduced to the people of China Midwest as an instrument helping their cultural enrichment. CC has a bright outlook; its future is full of promises.


Wang Fun-den, President of China Open Resources of Education

Wang Fun-den, President of China Open Resources of Education described the development of open education at home and abroad, and addressed the practical significance of its concept. He announced that there will be a long-term communication between CORE and CC, which will be dedicated to bring forward an easy acquisition of educational resources for more people.

On behalf of the blog community, Liu Xinzheng, the executive chief editor of SOHU Blog discussed with the guests on the protection of copyright for bloggers in the context of the Internet, and noted that CC Licenses could be a feasible approach for settling this issue. HIPIHI, the creator of a 3D digital world in China has sent its representatives, Li Chaoqun, senior manager of International Department and Ding An, senior manager of Policy Department, to present a short movie of HIPIHI world. Mr. Ding said that there has been a profound relationship between HIPIHI and Creative Commons, and that they’re looking forward to develop an approach applying CC License to HIPIHI to settle the problems of intellectual property in the virtual world. He expected more intensive cooperation between HIPIHI and CC China Mainland.

Zhao Wen, representative from Mozilla Online Ltd congratulated CC’s 5th birthday on behalf of her company. She introduced the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary in China, Mozilla Online Ltd. Implementing the concept of openness, she said, the company has dedicated itself to the promotion of openness, share, freedom and creation, which is consistent with CC’s concept of “Share, Reuse and Remix legally”, to the extent of building a harmonious cyber world.


Ou Ning, curator and founder of Get It Louder

Then Ou Ning, curator and founder of Get It Louder, presented the most notable works from Get it Louder exhibitions in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, arousing intense interest among the audience. He addressed that the ideas of many forms of contemporary art serve the same as some of CC’s concept. CC is not merely a legal tool, he added, it has influenced people’s thinking on property rights in the internet era, and provided an ideal model for distribution.


Volunteers from Renmin University of China

Afterwards is the birthday party. From American, artist Cao Fei instructed the on-site staff to play her CC-licensed multi-media work, the video of RMB City, as a gift celebrating CC’s 5th birthday. Meanwhile, Project lead of Creative Commons China Mainland, Professor Wang Chunyan lit up five candles symbolizing CC’s development over the last five years. As volunteers from Renmin University sang the HAPPY BIRTHDAY song, all guests toasted the fifth anniversary of the release of CC Licenses.