From December 17 to 18, 2007, the International Conference on Information Technology & Social Responsibility took place in the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).

The conference, jointly organized by CUHK, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Creative Commons China Mainland, was hosted by the School of Journalism and Communication of CUHK. Over thirty experts, scholars and professionals from America, Britain, Canada, Australia, China Mainland, and Hong Kong attended this event.

Former president of Chinese University of Hong Kong, Professor Kenneth Young, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a welcome speech. During the conference, Professor Clement Y. K. So, Dean of Journalism and Communication School, and Professors Joseph M. Chan, Eric K. W. Ma and Kenneth W. Y. Leung presided over different sessions of the meeting. The attendees delivered keynote speeches and had in-depth discussions on the following topics: The Future and Present of Information Society; Citizens’ Responsibilities and the Digital Media; Pursuing Common Interests: Public Domain in Digital World and Intellectual Property in Politics; State Responsibility; Corporate Social Responsibility and the Internet. They promoted their perspectives on each issue and reached broad consensus with the audience.

During the Conference, Chairperson of Advisory Board of CC China Mainland, Professor Jing Wang from MIT delivered a speech “Creative Commons for the Socially Marginalized? Model Building for a Developing Country”; Board member Professor Hal Abelson from MIT delivered a speech entitled “The Responsibility of the University in the Age of the Information Commons”; and Project Lead of Creative Commons China Mainland, Professor Wang Chunyan presented her speech “Some Rights Reserved: A Creative Commons Approach to Copyright in the Information Age”. Those speeches aroused great interest among the audience and provided them a comprehensive understanding of Creative Commons and its development in China Mainland. All three speeches won much attention and support from the conference participants.