Kong Bohua TCM Family Educational and Clinical Chronicle

The first Chinese book released under a local CC license (CC BY-NC-ND China Mainland) was made available on July 4, 2009 at the Forum on Cultural Promotion of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) held at Renmin University of China Law School. This was the first forum under the series on Knowledge Sharing and Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

The book, titled “Kong Bohua TCM Family Educational and Clinical Chronicle” ,consists of various TCM prescriptions accumulated from the Kong Family’s clinical experience during decades of practice. The book includes articles on TCM theory written by Kong Bohua, his descendants and his students.

Kong Bohua, a descendant of Confucius, was one of the most famous of the four TCM masters in China and devoted much of his time to education in the field of TCM. The editor of the book, Mr. Kong Lingqian, the grandson of Kong Bohua and the founder of the Kong Bohua TCM School, says it was important to release the book under a CC license. “We would like to let more people have access to the Traditional Chinese Culture and CC is a good platform for helping people to understand, share and develop various aspects of our culture”.

The release of the book under a China Mainland CC license was widely covered in various major newspapers in China including the Guangming Daily, the Legal Daily, China TCM Daily, the Beijing Daily , China Radio International, and the Beijing TV Station. More than one hundred major web sites, including Xinhua Net, China News Net, People Net, Sina.com, and Sohu.com, posted stories about the release of the book under a local CC license.

A PDF version of the book can be downloaded free at the website of CC China Mainland.